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Cherry Blossom River

Find love even within the swirl of neverending petals...

25 December
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A to Z... 『Richly-colored』... In this once of a lifetime temporary paradise.

Hello and welcome! You have reached my profile page! A few things to know about me and this journal :)

A visual kei fan

First discovered Alice Nine

A few bands I like: Alice Nine, the GazettE, ScReW, Vidoll, Versailles, and more! Don't be afraid to ask!

Journal contains fanfictions and random nonsense (・∀・)

Writes stories, watches anime, plays music, and more

Writes any genre, topic, or anything that comes to mind ^^ Hope you'll enjoy what you read here!

Disclaimer: Please refer to my archive for the full disclaimer for all of my fanfictions.

Please read this post before adding me. It would be greatly appreciated ( ´∀`)

Any other questions? Please feel to ask here! I love to have conversations with people ^^

Thank you so much for reading and your time! (*´▽`*)

Note: The title on my profile is from SCREW's song, Zowie, which comes from their latest single, Xanadu. This is my rough translation of one of the lines so it may have mistakes and may not be completely correct.

Some Quotes

"Perceive that which can not be seen with the eye. Nurture the ability to perceive the truth in all matters."~ Musashi Miyamoto

"Music is a visible thing. Close your eyes. You will see."~ Deaf/Mute Man from Pantene Commercial

"I think, therefore I am."~ Rene Descartes

"A man's life can only be measured in the lives that he's touched."

profile by Citta Costiera | Alice Nine (Unofficial) | Youtube Channel | Endless Twilight (tumblr) | Twitter

To the many people who make this journal possible:

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Screw Kazuki mood theme by ledagrafics
table icons by nyanchan_desu, ledagrafics, xloliconsx, and loveanarchy
Credit to hiphopVOMIT for SCREW's lyrics

And many thanks to my wonderful readers and friends! :D Without you guys, I don't know where I would be, ^^